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Consultative Services for Industry

LEGION ASG blends Federal Government and commercial expertise to deliver a comprehensive strategic consulting capability that addresses every aspect of the business development life cycle. Our services are thorough, accurate, and effective, hinging not on individual personalities, but rather on the collective understanding, creativity, and reach of the entire LEGION Team.
What sets us apart? LEGION is a deliverables-based organization and our success is measured exclusively by the quality of those deliverables -- clearly established and competently delivered. 


From eminently qualified consultants to valuable industry relationships, we offer the personal attention and reliability of a boutique firm with the capability and experience of a large consultancy.

At LEGION ASG, we consider every client to be a strategic partner and work closely with them to define critical objectives, acquire needed resources, and implement effective solutions. Our customers range from very small businesses to large Systems Integrators, and we treat each one as a unique organization respecting their specific resources and objectives to deliver efficient and effective solutions.

Our services add value to any organization. We offer every client the benefits of:

Valuable Industry Relationships

As a defense contractor in our own right, LEGION offers its Advisory Services' clients numerous advantages not available from specialty firms; specifically, real organizational, technical, and subject matter expertise as complimented by strong roots in the defense community. We thus deliver much more than just process expertise by leveraging an entire network of established relationships with businesses of every size, composition, and socio-economic demographic, and thereby significantly improving outcomes for our clients; from business development to subcontractor team building.

Proven Experience

We have supported numerous successful bids at every stage of the business development life cycle from individual Task Orders to multi-billion Dollar IDIQ contracts. We leverage that experience to provide a comprehensive suite of consultative services encompassing the full range of defense-related acquisition efforts—from opportunity identification to post award program management. In fact, we specialize in the implementation of the proven PMO processes and procedures needed to sustain MAIDIQ wins.

Innovative Support Solutions

Recent contractions in defense spending have made cost effective bid and proposal strategies more important than ever. Hence the dilemma now being faced by many of our clients: how to pursue more viable opportunities in an increasingly cost competitive environment while reducing the overhead expenditures associated with doing so.

One of our most acclaimed features is the inherent ability to create and execute hybrid strategic relationships in which we transition from management consultant to subcontractor teammate at key junctures during the business development life cycle; promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness while mitigating cost.

More than individuals…an entire LEGION

When a client hires LEGION, they receive the support of the entire firm; regardless of the manpower actually assigned to the project. This gives them continuous access to every resource at our disposal. Thus our consultants augment their own mastery of standard industry processes and proven methodologies with the ability to reach back and tap into LEGION's broad professional networks and subject matter expertise in various technical domains to deliver services that in every way transcend mere consultancy.

A Note About Win Rates...

Part of our collective experience includes working as consultants for much larger competitors who market their value in terms of win percentages. The fact is that no consultant can guarantee a win and what is actually behind success is the use of a holistic, methodical approach to such services.

The business development lifecycle is an interconnected progression that includes actual business development, as well as capture, and proposal activities; all part of one seamless continuum. Each constituent function must be carried out correctly and in consideration of its successors in order for the ultimate goal (winning new business) to be achieved.

However, very few of ours or anyone else’s clients tend to outsource the entire process; opting instead to obtain support with portions of one element or another. Winning proposals, for example, owe their success or failure to much more than the competence of a proposal manager, technical writer, volume lead, etc. They require that all antecedent functions (e.g., BD and capture), as well as parallel functions (e.g., pricing, customer engagement, shaping) be carried out expertly as well.

At LEGION ASG, we measure our success by the quality of our deliverables. Successful captures are measured in terms of confident bid decisions as supported by the best assembled team to pursue the work and successful proposals are measured by how well they comply with requirements and how convincingly they convey compelling solutions. Therefore, and as a matter of principal, we do not track win percentages, opting instead for tangible metrics such as bid decisions and highly evaluated proposals.

What we will guarantee is that our clients receive the absolute best services possible; as delivered by committed and knowledgeable professionals who each leverage every resource at their (and our) disposal to add value to the organization and accomplish its goals.

Our Services

LEGION delivers actionable information and value add services that enhance your time-critical acquisition and business decisions. Our services support the acquisition, sustainment, and growth of client business, and include:

Business Development

  • Salient advice and informed recommendations on upcoming acquisitions and other opportunities in select markets (including customer acquisition strategies, candidate source selection composition, potential competition (Primes and Subcontractors), and other useful information) to build and sustain a viable pipeline
  • Current, critical, and actionable business intelligence to drive growth in select markets

Business and Competitive Intelligence

  • Access to LEGION's broad professional networks and our use of well-developed analytic methodologies to address critical information gaps, enhancing client understanding of ongoing initiatives
  • Competitor market position assessments and strategy evaluations (Black Hat) to increase P-WIN in competitive procurements
  • Competitive Landscape Assessments to better evaluate your market position 
  • Key partner vetting to enable better teaming decisions

Capture Management

  • Client market position assessments to support the internal opportunity pursuit decision cycle
  • Development and implementation of salient capture strategies to improve market position with respect to designated opportunities
  • Effective identification and recruitment of key teammates and partners to improve client PWIN and help address socio-economic requirements/li>
  • Access to LEGION's corporate professional networks to facilitate formal and informal introductions with key customer personalities
  • Management of key customer and partner relationships to ensure productive communications

Solution Architecture

Best practices, proven analytic methodologies, and ready access to key subject matter experts to enhance the development of compliant and compelling solutions.

Proposal Support

The full range of proposal staff augmentation to ensure a well organized response and the development of compliant, compelling, and cost competitive contract proposals, including:

  • Proposal Managers
  • Price to Win Analysts
  • Volume Leads
  • Technical Subject Matter Experts

Trusted Agent/Adviser Operations (Non-technical)

Trusted agent/advisors to enable discreet communications and information gathering without exposing the client’s market intentions.

  • All LEGION personnel have extensive experience handling sensitive matters
  • LEGION employs a strict security and confidentiality policy in order to protect the equities of our clients

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  • Detailed analysis of project and program vulnerabilities using technical and non-technical means to identify and classify associated risks to cost, schedule, and performance
  • Cogent mitigation strategies to reduce or eliminate exposure to potential liabilities

Project/Program Management Support

  • Assessments of proposed as well as existing programs to resolve major issues
  • Cost saving innovations and viable process improvements to increase efficiency