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A Note About Win Rates...

Part of our collective experience includes working as consultants for much larger competitors who market their value in terms of win percentages. The fact is that no consultant can guarantee a win and what is actually behind success is the use of a holistic, methodical approach to such services.

The business development lifecycle is an interconnected progression that includes actual business development, as well as capture, and proposal activities; all part of one seamless continuum. Each constituent function must be carried out correctly and in consideration of its successors in order for the ultimate goal (winning new business) to be achieved.

However, very few of ours or anyone else’s clients tend to outsource the entire process; opting instead to obtain support with portions of one element or another. Winning proposals, for example, owe their success or failure to much more than the competence of a proposal manager, technical writer, volume lead, etc. They require that all antecedent functions (e.g., BD and capture), as well as parallel functions (e.g., pricing, customer engagement, shaping) be carried out expertly as well.

At LEGION ASG, we measure our success by the quality of our deliverables. Successful captures are measured in terms of confident bid decisions as supported by the best assembled team to pursue the work and successful proposals are measured by how well they comply with requirements and how convincingly they convey compelling solutions. Therefore, and as a matter of principal, we do not track win percentages, opting instead for tangible metrics such as bid decisions and highly evaluated proposals.

What we will guarantee is that our clients receive the absolute best services possible; as delivered by committed and knowledgeable professionals who each leverage every resource at their (and our) disposal to add value to the organization and accomplish its goals.